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equibuilt supply and install a range of safety stair nosings for both internal and external applications. equistep is manufactured with a profile to suit a broad range of substrates including: concrete, tiles, pavers, direct stick carpet and carpet with underlay. Fully compliant with the Disability (Access to Premises - Buildings) Standards 2010 (Premises Standards), National Construction Code (NCC), Building Code of Australia (BCA) and  Australian Standards AS/NZS4586-2004 and AS1428.1-2009-Design for access and mobility. equistep is the number 1 choice for anti-slip safety on stairways.

Heavy duty, durable and long lasting

equistep safety stair nosings are manufactured from reinforced aluminum extrusion, milled in a square faced anodised finish to provide a long term attractive non-slip solution.

equistep is available with a polymeric insert in an array of colours with an R10 rating or an R13 rated carborundum grit surface insert to provide the ultimate in safety stair nosing. The carborundum insert provides the highest possible safety rating and is particularly suitable for external wet areas. equistep stair nosing exceeds the requirements of the Premises Standards, NCC, BCA and the Australian/New Zealand Standard AS/NZS 4586 - 2004.

Easy to install for both indoor and outdoor applications

equistep stair nosing is supplied pre-drilled and cut to your specified length with all necessary stainless steel fixing screws and anchors ready to install. equistep is available with a pressure sensitive adhesive backing on both the underside of the extrusion and insert to ensure proper bedding. This stops annoying rocking or rattling during service. Once installed, any unsightly screws are concealed to ensure the product can not be tampered with so your investment will continue to look great for a long time.

equistep safety stair nosings are easy to retro-fit on to concrete, ceramic tiles, granite, checker-plate, timber, carpet (direct stick), carpet with underlay and most other hard surface applications.

Available to suit carpet over underlay applications

equistep is available to suit most hard surface applications including carpet over underlay. The design of equistep is specially designed for applications requiring a much higher degree of rigidity along the nosing length.


equistep stair nosings are fully compliant with the National Construction Code (NCC), Disability (Access to Premises) Standards 2010 (Premises Standards), Building Code of Australia (BCA) AS/NZS4586-2004 and AS1428.1-2009.


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Carborundum Modified Safety Stair Nosing Angles and Plates

Where the use of equistep stair nosings is not practical such as on the rung of a ladder equibuilt has a complete range of simple but effective carborundum modified angled plates.

Available in a multitude of sizes and profiles, equibuilt can supply a purpose built solution for every application. Our carborundum modified angled plates are R13 rated for optimum safety and exceed the requirements of the Australian/New Zealand Standard AS/NZ4586.

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Anti-Slip Safety Tapes

Easy to install, just peel and stick

equibuilt Tapes provide a cost effective method of complying with anti-slip Standards and Building Codes. equibuilt anti-slip tapes are R13 rated and provide effective anti-slip safety for all access ways including stairs and ramps. equibuilt anti-slip Tapes are supplied with “Peel & Stick” technology that ensures permanent adhesion to most surfaces. The heavy coating of PSA adhesive used will conform to undulations, is water resistant and is proven to provide long lasting efficient service life .

Available in 5 colours, including hazard-strip and photoluminescent

equibuilt anti-slip tapes are available to meet the luminance contrast requirements of AS1428.1-2009-Design for access and mobility, including: Black, Grey, Yellow, Hazard (Black & Yellow) and photo-luminescent “glow in the dark”, for an extra level of safety assurance.

Purpose designed, marine grade and hard wearing for extreme service life

equibuilt anti-slip tapes are manufactured from a unique combination of aluminum oxide which is diamond hard, and a thick flexible plastic carrier to provide a hard, tough, durable and long lasting solution. equibuilt anti-slip tapes are marine grade and are manufactured from a water resistant carrier and adhesive. equibuilt anti-slip Tapes are formulated to resist both steam and detergent cleaning agents and will withstand the limitations of most environmental conditions including temperatures below -30 Deg C. The unique flexibility of equibuilt anti-slip Tapes will also allow extreme flexures over 90 Deg angles without damage.

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